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Pastor’s Desk

Notes from Xf. Yeu Vang …… The old saying when you enjoy what you do, time flies. That certainly is true. Since my appointment here at Atwater UMC, time has gone by so quickly. It’s already September and the children have returned to school. I could feel the drop of temperature and cooler breeze. Fall is just around the corner and that means the busy holidays are nearing, too. I am glad Michelle and I have taken our first vacation to renew our mind and spirit. We had a wonderful time in San Diego and Los Angeles. We visited the Imperial Beach, Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, and drove across the Coronado Bridge two times. It was beautifully built and had an amazing view looking at the ocean. If you have not seen Coronado Bridge in San Diego, you can search on Google and see why we cross it twice. Next, we stop in Chinatown, Los Angeles and visited Claremont School of Theology. I will attend there in January 2019 for my Master of Divinity as a full-time hybrid student. You might be thinking: “What’s a hybrid student?” Here is the answer taken directly from the school: Students in the Hybrid/Online program can complete the Master of Divinity degree through a combination of online classes, intensive short–term courses on campus, and classes that combine intensive classroom sessions and online work. Program requirements and faculty are the same as in the on–campus Master of Divinity program. This program was designed for pastors, like me, who are appointed to a church and cannot attend traditional school on campus. This program fits my schedule. I can still be your pastor and attend school. Wow, when there’s a will, there’s a way. And our God is the way. He is good, all the time. How about you? What did you do for fun in August? Where did you go to renew your soul? What are your plans for September? If you don’t have anything plan yet, here are some of my suggestions. Since my appointment here in July, I noticed that we always have something good happening in our church. For instance, every Tuesday at 11:00 AM, a dedicated group meets in the pastor’s study to pray for the church, the community, and fulfill all the prayer requests. Another good thing and worthwhile is the Bible study class held every Thursday at 10:00 AM in the fireside room. Chuck and Maria Acridge had done a fantastic job facilitating this class. I understand that it’s not limited to just Bible study. They use different sources to make the class interesting and applicable to all participants. There’s another group that I strongly encourage the men in our church to be involved—the men’s group. The men’s group meets on the first Saturday of the month at Brook’s Ranch for breakfast at 7:00 AM. After breakfast, we come to the church to do yardwork and anything that need maintenance. However, I want to say that the men’s group is not about working, it’s about fellowshipping and empowering one another in our faith journey. We gather together to support and encourage each other. The work is what bonds us together. I did not forget the United Methodist Women. They are one of the strongest groups in our church. As I recall, it was our women’s group, led by Ethel Nelson, who were responsible for our children of the Atwater community to receive their school backpacks. As you can see, AUMC has wonderful programs that each of us can make a difference. The ministries I mentioned here are just a few that I can fit in this one-page note. You’re invited to explore our church website at and see if there are other ministries that you would like to be involved. You may also call the office (209) 358-6172 and let Teresa or myself know. Together, we can fulfill our church mission: to know Christ and to make Christ known. Amen. Xf. Yeu

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